How would you like to serve your country—and make big tax-free dollars doing it?

We’re looking for champions of the people, those guided by a strict moral code and possessing the highest caliber
character. We want the learned, your doctors, engineers, philosophers, draftsmen and poets. We want style:
conservative but with panache. We are looking for eloquence—a common touch with a certain verve. Your every
waking moment should be a search for quality, a striving step in the march on that great quest for excellence. Do you
measure up to that?

Me neither. Can you throw a car? Dodge bullets? Read minds? Break things? Or are you just the drummer for some band
we’ve never heard of?

You look like you need a fat roll of twenties. Do not pay for anything with plastic. If you receive a receipt for any
purchase, immediately dispose of it. Do not use the phone. Do not use radios. Do not communicate using a computer. If
you have something to say to us, do it face to face and in this office. This office will be manned at all times. If you find
that is not the case, get out of town and keep going.

I don’t care who you are and you shouldn’t care who we are. A little bird tells me we are on the same page. What we
tell you is what you need to know.

Don’t kill people.

On paper, our objective is to search, serve, indict, prosecute and convict every miscreant in this town. Revealed through
our process will be the vast web of tax evasion that fuels every moment of their so conspicuous consumption. Through
civil forfeiture, we will make the nanny’s paycheck bounce, pull the furs off their backs, tow away the foreign cars and
yank the high end decks off their foreclosed mansions. Detailed and publicized will be the reciprocating network of
political corruption that allows poisons to flow in all directions out of this city, without an inkling of fear of the rule of
law. One by one, we will put these slimes in boxes before a dozen good citizens--with nothing more than a rented friend
to defend them from the truth. Explained in context and with paint by numbers intricacy will be the entire canvas of their
misdeeds. The cell doors will slam behind them, and we will laugh.  Justice will no longer be a myth.

And I want a pony, too.
Weird Detective Mystery Adventures is a role-playing game, guidelines for a structured interactive
story-telling social experience.  The players assume the role of imaginary characters and determine
their actions at key points in a fixed scenario or ongoing plotline. A person playing the role of judge
determines how the plot changes n reaction to  the player character’s activities. Actions in the game
are resolved either through the judge’s rulings or by consulting a probability table. A pair of dice are
used to define the consequences of various character activities.  It is largely a team game, with the
player’s characters working together to accomplish some set noble objective. The judge determines
the plot and portrays all characters not controlled by the players.

Weird Detective Mystery Adventures is a pulp fiction simulation.  This is a broad genre, using the
modern normal world as its primary template. It’s the real world… except that there are monsters or
aliens or the occasional flying crimefighter.  This brand of fantastic fiction has been promoted in
newspaper tabloids, comic books, novels, movies and television. Our game is a compendium of the
various supernatural abilities and plot devices found throughout the spectrum of this fiction.  

The player needs to think up a character who somehow fits in with the scenario that the judge is
running.  Players should be able to describe their characters, verbally or in writing. In some cases,
the player may have a character assigned to them. By referencing the rules, the player should
become familiar with the abilities his character is endowed with and how they are defined in game

We have not reinvented the role-playing game. Weird Detective Mystery Adventures plays the way
most role-playing games do. You roll dice to determine if something has happened. If something
does happen, you roll dice to determine how much of it occurs. We are a little heavy on character
statistics, but the mechanics of the game are straight forward.

Weird Detective Mystery Adventures is a gaming resource for
contemporary fantastic fiction settings, an aid to adventures based on
costumed hero comic books, pulp magazines, modern horror movies,
movie serials, present day fantasy novels, supermarket tabloids and high
concept television programs.  A complete system on its own, the game
is broadly defined so that it can be used as additive material for other
game rules.  It contains a comprehensive listing of the supernatural
abilities and trappings found in modern era fantastic fiction. Our
intention is to catalog and describe these genre related elements as they
appeared in the source material.