Our version of the historic American Crusader has 350 allocation points in basestats and 270 points in
supernatural abilities, which comes to a preliminary total of 625. He was awarded 54 skill points for basestats
and spent 35 of them on his nebulous Mutant level “Government Agent” credential. This left 19 skill points
unspent that were deducted from the 625 leaving a final threat level of 606 allocation points. I may have under-
allocated his KNOW and PERC scores, but I am otherwise happy with this guy as an NPC.

The split in this character’s DODGE rating noted as “Omega/Heroic” is due to his SUPER SPEED ability.
Under most circumstances any character who has SUPER SPEED with an MPS rating above Mach 2 (MPS
686) is automatically awarded an Omega DODGE. The only time the character’s DODGE is not Omega is
when they are facing off against an opponent who also has SUPER SPEED or is endowed with LIGHTNING
REFLEXES, SPRINT and a few other mental and perception abilities. In these instances, American Crusader’
s DODGE drops to what it is normally factored as.

Similarly, American Crusader’s DEFL has been replaced by a written description “Invulnerable 242”. The
INVULNERABLE power overwrites the DEFL Score, substituting a new number of damage points that the
character is able to ignore. This number is also repeated (like this) next to his HTK and STUN totals.
American Crusader ignores all damage inflicted up to 242 points.

Other than vanishing entirely due to lack of audience draw, not much changed about this character. During
the later parts of his run, American Crusader revealed his identity to the government and was promptly
shipped overseas to act as a military liaison. (Go beat up Nazis.) This is where the not-so-specific
Government Agent credential comes from.

As mentioned, this character does not vary much from the Classic Comic Book Crimefighter model.  He has
bigger serving of SUPER SPEED than most and the FULL AUTO option is somewhat off topic. The actual
base model Classic Comic Book Crimefighter is about 550 points and is a good platform to build off of. At
606 points, American Crusader is a little light for a player character.

American Crusader 700 point Player Character Version
At the Player Character 700 level we haven’t
mauled the concept out of shape, he’s just a
bit more beefy. He hits harder. He moves a lot
faster. He still isn’t “doing anything” with
SUPER SPEED other than moving.  
Traditionally, he didn’t. (It makes trips home
from the front a little shorter. Maybe he could
keep his gig as a college professor.) All we did
was jack up some of his basestats. This
version of American Crusader spent 465 on
basestats and the original 270 on supernatural
abilities. This gave us a preliminary allocation
total of 735 points. His basestats awarded him
69 points for skills, of which 35 were spent.
The remaining 34 were refunded, leaving a
701 Threat Level. Which is close enough.
Can we make American Crusader a 1000 point character without mutilating the whole “Flying, fast, strong
guy” concept out of shape? Sure. It has running space until about 1200 points. Without making him a super
speedster per se, we could add the SUPER SPEED options Get Away With Action, Stunner Shot and E=MC2
Attack. For additional defenses, we could add ESCAPE or SHIELD, although neither were historically evident.
Or we could go with the conventional route of adding ATHLETICS, BODY CONTROL and FORTITUDE. On

You are going to have more options than you have points.

At above 1200 points there is not enough there there. The Comic Book character that most Classic Comic
Book Crimefighters were pattered after bloated his physical basestats up to the Titanic to Omega range, went
all out with SUPER SPEED, had all of the strong man stunt powers (CRUNCH POWER, BREAK FAST and
the like), was endowed with a high level in ESCAPE, added NRG BATTERY for a projected attack and filled
in with FTL TRAVEL, CONTAINMENT and a few dozen other abilities. His allocation total tops 6000 points.
All of it beef. A fine character, but not really suited to a team game.  
Modern Basic Hero: This set up could also be called Super Lite. It predates the Classic type, being
the base pattern for the Inventor, Explorer, Detective Plus and Tibet Origin heroes of the pulp magazines. It is
also the quick set up for most modern comic book heroes and, at the higher end, the template for most movie
action heroes.  You are physically robust, AND you do something else. This set covers the physically robust
part. For your “something else” check out the
Signature Abilities and Ace In The Hole listings below.  The
Modern Basic Hero set up makes you “super enough” and gives you room for a little something else for

Basestat Considerations: You’re not physically disabled nor stupid.  At least one of the character’s
basestats is at Mutant level or above.  
Lightning Reflexes
All three of these abilities fit with the theme. ATHLETICS gives
you some flexibility as to the bonuses it conveys.  Possession of
all three of these abilities makes you a perfect “unmarked”
supernatural being.
Body Control
Nerves of Steel
All of these are in keeping with the theme of “not obvious”
supernatural abilities.  The most common set up is BODY
CONTROL and FORTITUDE, but any of them will do.  If you
want something less pedestrian, check out the listing for
Defenses in the Nuts & Bolts Roadmap section of this unit.
Both of these abilities fall under the “Don’t get me mad”
heading.  The character may not come off as being supernatural.
He’s just someone you don’t want to annoy.
This is the realm of the hard-boiled detective, the movie action
hero, the legendary greaser. No logo on your chest. No cape on
your back. And yet you are able to survive diving between
buildings, being thrown from speeding vehicles, numerous
beatings, being shot --and can routinely one-punch thugs and
robots alike. Nothing to see here. Just a guy in a black leather
jacket and black sunglasses, snapping his gum.